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We offer a variety of yoga classes so you can be sure to find the ones that best suit your yogic journey. At Parivartan Mississauga, we invite all levels of yoga experience. Teachers are trained to guide each student into modified or intermediate poses. We have differing styles of classes, so we encourage you to try them all out. Instructors are there to adjust your alignment as required.

Classes operate on a drop-in basis. No need for pre-registration. If you wish, please contact Michelle (insert email) to book a Complimentary One On One Parivartan Consultation. We will discuss your Yoga goals and help you decide which classes are best suited for you and your yoga journey.

  • Infrared Hot Yoga
  • Non-Heated Classes

Experience the Infrared heat! 

Our invigorating, infrared heating system will allow you to experience a yoga practice that will heat you from the inside of your body to the outside. The infrared heaters, alongside the yoga flow, will make you sweat, stretch and tone your muscles, burn the fat/calories, and assist in boosting your metabolism! The infrared heaters are heated to 100F. It does not feel like a sauna.

No prior flexibility or yoga skills are necessary, but we do encourage all yogis to bring water, a towel and dress comfortable.

Yoga Flow/Power Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is designed for beginners and will guide you to move between the yoga postures at a mindful and comfortable pace. Teachers will modify poses if required. Power Yoga Flow class will challenge your movement (Vinyasa style) and open the body to more intense yoga poses. Each teacher brings their own style and uniqueness to each of the classes, and every class is different. We do not teach the same class twice!


Halo-Halo translates into a mix of everything! You will experience a full body workout by using light hand weights, pilates balls, body bars, HIIT routines and so much more! We combine all this in our Flow Practice. An intense core sequence is also added. All levels are welcome, but be ready to work!

Detox Flow
Searching for a class that is not too difficult but at the same time, you want to refresh and re-energize the body? This Detox Flow class is designed with a series of poses consisting of spinal lengthening, forward folding and twists - helping to get rid of all the toxins in the body! With the heat, we will definitely create some sweat! We learn how to breath deep and take only the "good stuff" in our body while exhaling the unwanted.

Yoga Fusion
An invigorating fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Budokon movements, and very light cardio. Guaranteed to make you sweat and get the heart rate going! This class will awaken the body and tone you!

Proper alignment is watched for to protect and keep the body safe as well as get maximized benefits from each posture.

Cardio Power Flow
Combines Vinyasa Yoga with strengthening and toning moves—squat challenges, anyone? Class will entail intervals of cardio in order to increase the calorie and fat burn, Pilates, Weights, FITT training and then some. Be ready to work!

Core Strength Flow

Core Strength Vinyasa Flow was created by Sadie Nardini. We will learn to breath the Golden Flame breath generating heat into our bodies. This practice is committed to bending our knees, rounding our backs and building our poses from the ground up. Students learn to ease off a pose to get into the proper alignment of the spine and pelvis, and reactivate the deeper core muscles.  

This class is designed to build your core.  We will use Fists of Fire, Core Salutations
and more!  You will definitely feel the challenge!

Budokon Yoga

Budokon Yoga ("way of the spiritual warrior" in Japanese) was founded by Cameron Shayne. This type of yoga creates a fusion between Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts. The practice itself combines fluid movements creating strength in your practice. It is an organic way of returning the body to a natural, instinctive and super-fit state.

There are 7 parts to the Primary Series and in each class, Naaz will focus on a few. Eventually we will get to flow the whole series! To build the practice, attending weekly would be beneficial.

This is a very different style of yoga class compared to the classes we offer - but we guarantee fun, laughs and the use of the body to gain that strength. Check it out - and trust us - you won't miss 1 week!

Hatha Flow

These classes are suitable for those who are new to practicing yoga, do not prefer the infrared heat, are recovering from injuries, pregnant, or anyone looking to enjoy a class of gentle movement.

Students will be guided through simple yoga poses and movements, with a focus on the varying breathing techniques that yoga has to offer. Hatha Flow and Meditation will massage the spine and bring lightness and health to the body. Be ready to explore the great depths of the body and mind, all within the borders of your mat.

For those who enjoy heated classes, the Hatha Flow is ideal to feel your "true sweat" and to balance your practice with and without the heat. Our Instructors are Prenatal trained, so prenatal clients are always welcome to join these classes.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower paced form of yoga where postures are held for a longer period of time and typically stay low to the ground. A more meditative approach to yoga, Yin will help cultivate an awareness of inner silence while increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Not intended as a complete practice in itself, but rather as a complement to more active forms of yoga and exercise, Yin is a great way to release excessive tension from the body, re-centre, and prepare
for a great start to the week!

Practiced in a gently heated room with more hands-on adjustments, Yin is suitable for all levels.