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Teacher Biographies

Michelle Canasa-Sammut (Owner/Director/Head Instructor/Wellness Professional)

Michelle was first introduced to yoga in 2006 during her life as a new mother. Initially, Michelle sought out yoga for the physical activity it offered with the various asanas and its flow. Quickly enjoying the differing styles of yoga, she found that it not only assisted in her life physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Yoga allowed Michelle to find a balance in her life through breath, mind stability and just 'letting go.' In early 2007, Michelle was then determined to become a Yoga Instructor.

In April 2007, Michelle completed her Yoga Instructor Certification course through the Parivartan Yoga Studio with Dorothy Guerra. Immediately afterreceiving her certification, Michelle began her life as a Yoga Instructor at the studio and has even taken her knowledge to instruct her family, friends, and the Mississauga, Toronto and Brampton Communities. In 2009, Michelle also received her certification as an Aquafit Instructor. She was the former Placeholder ImageTreasurer and Secretary for the Ontario Yoga Association Board, and an Ambassador for Lululemon Square One in 2008.  Her training did not stop there!  Michelle has attended various workshops to increase her teaching abilities with Sadie Nardini, Maria Guerre, Sean Corne – such amazing people to learn from!  In February 2012, Michelle received her Certificate of Teaching for Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini.

Yoga has helped improve Michelle's life dramatically. She found peace and stillness that was long awaited for. With that, she hopes that through her teachings, Michelle's students will find the same balance and happiness she has found in the yogic lifestyle. Michelle would like to thank Ryan, her son Damien, the Parivartan Mississauga staff, friends and cousins for the support they have given her throughout the years.

Michelle is very excited to be the proud new owner of Parivartan Mississauga and will strive to continue the great yoga family Parivartan has created within the Mississauga and surrounding area communities. Michelle always welcomes any feedback, so please feel free to contact .


Christina Mogk

You won’t hear music in my classes; I much prefer to embrace the silence. Focus on the movement and on the breath. Pure and simple. Perhaps that’s why I love this anonymous quote:

I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it.
It has a quality and a dimension all its own.

Do not mistake simple for easy. I like to challenge both myself and others. You’ll experience a different flow every time. Odds are that you’ll get stronger and learn new postures. You may even wake up the next day with the discovery of muscles you didn’t know you had…

LaviniaLavinia Goodger

I discovered yoga in April 2007 after suffering an extremely painful episode of arthritis in my right knee. I tried gyms and workout studios and came to the conclusion that they were not for me, in fact, they only made the condition worse.

After a year of practice at Parivartan Yoga, I decided I wanted to start my training and become a yoga teacher. I completed my training in 2009. The physical flexibility I have attained from my practice has been life altering, not to mention the measure of the calmness, peace and tranquility that has become part of my life. The most important thing I wish to impart to anyone who enters my class is that life is a journey, a voyage of self discovery and exploration, just like a yoga practice, and should be enjoyed.

Alyssa Armogan

Alyssa Armogan

I started practicing yoga in 2011. I was going through a rough time in my personal life and was looking for an escape for my mind and body. My love affair with yoga began one evening when I decided to take a hot yoga class at Parivartan. The class left my mind, body and soul yearning for more. Yoga has enabled me to release things from past, stay grounded in the present and project positivity for the future. Those yearnings lead me to challenge myself further by becoming a certified instructor. Today my goal as an instructor is to ignite that very spark in the hearts of all! Namaste!


Dino De LellisDino De Lellis

Dino loves yoga!

 He believes that yoga addresses all aspects of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and that acceptance and confidence on the mat reflect into daily life.  He loves the peace and happiness that it brings him, and loves helping others to similarly discover the healing and empowering effects of yoga.

 Dino has been practicing for close to a decade. His interest has lead him to many styles and teachers of yoga. His practice started with Hatha and lead to Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. In 2008 he walked into a hot yoga studio and has been there ever since. In recent years, his yoga practice has brought great change in his life, inspiring him to share his experience with others

Besides yoga, Dino loves…

flip flops, full moons, chocolate, anything coconut... His family, music, his parrot, laughter, camp fires  & starting the day with a cup of coffee. Game of Thrones, all things Italian, deep breaths, dreadlocks, the ocean, mountains, big trees and silence…

Sara LoureiroSara Loureiro

Sara has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. What initially began as a way to develop strong abs led her to a journey of strength, balance and incredible self discovery. She found that yoga would help her with her passions for running, hiking and cycling while calming her mind after stressful situations. One of the greatest blessings that Sara has come to learn from her practice is that what she practices on the mat helps her tremendously off the mat. She always pictured herself
teaching yoga "one day" until she realized that her time was now.

Sara's classes are dynamic and powerful, although there are always modifications for beginners (and let's not forget child's pose). She uses a playful and lighthearted approach to yoga while focusing on breath work and intentions for each of her classes. Her classes build strength and flexibility while relieving tension in the body and mind so that her students can fully relinquish into the present moment.

"We Rise By Lifting Others" -- Robert Ingersoll

Cassandra PopescuCassandra Popescu

Cassandra's journey towards a healthier lifestyle led her to her passion for yoga today. She first began hot yoga as a fitness pursuit to gain strength and
flexibility, but soon learned that yoga was much more than that. As a past dancer and gymnast who has always had a fascination with art through movement, she was
captivated by the way yoga sequences effortlessly flowed to create a dance between mind, body, and breath. After years of practice, Cassandra began to embrace the
healing powers of yoga to not only strengthen the body but also soothe and quiet the mind, leading her on a journey of self-love and acceptance. Her goal as an
instructor is to help students achieve self-confidence, strength, serenity, and an open mind.



AniaAnia Staszczak

Ania is a devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation and a lover of the outdoors.  She believes that in this current fast-paced, technology-oriented era, yoga has the ability to bring us back to our fundamental human roots.  She believes that if you practice yoga with an open mind, without any judgments, comparisons, or expectations, anything is possible.  She strives to show everyone that yoga not only allows us to connect with ourselves and with others, but that it also spills over into our daily lives and influences how we live and act. Overall, Ania loves to see the transformation in people when they realize that they are more than who they simply thought they were (or who they were told they were).  This transformative power of yoga is what will always keep Ania learning and teaching. 

Ania’s classes are centered on emotion-guided flows and she pays close attention to breath work.  Her classes will help you build strength, flexibility, and most importantly, promote a centered and focused mind. 

Stephanie Osadchuk

Stephanie’s introduction to yoga came in 2003, after learning about all the benefits of it from her aunt. She turned to yoga for stability and to relieve back pain - she was instantly hooked! A couple of years later, Stephanie became a Barkan Method certified hatha instructor and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. A fascination with back pain and spinal imbalances also led her to complete Elise Miller's Yoga for Scoliosis Certification Program. Students benefit from her eclectic knowledge of various yoga styles, as she draws from several modalities and tailors it to fit the needs of the group.

In her class, you can expect to work mindfully and deeply. Her teaching style is challenging, yet will leave everyone feeling relaxed and renewed. Why does Stephanie teach yoga? It’s because of the students, the yoga community, and the self-awareness that it brings. She especially loves to observe the positive transformation that unfolds in students’ lives as a result of a regular yoga practice.

Naaz Prisc


My yoga journey began in 2009 as a rehabilitation program to regain my physical and spiritual being after immobility due to an injury. Therapy led to passion and became a certified Hatha yoga instructor with yoga network of Canada 200RYT and continued teacher trainings and workshops with renowned teachers with 350hrs and my desire to make a difference.

Working full time in the airlines and teaching yoga brings balance, strength and peace. Connecting mind, body and spirit, a union or YOGA. My philosophy on teaching yoga is sacred, a divine union by always being true to yourself. Strong mind cultivates a strong body. Volunteering for friends and family karma yoga, giving without expecting anything in return. A good foundation and core whilst expressing Asanas(poses) with grace and the ujayi pranayama (victorious or oceans breath)
inhaling positive energy, exhaling negative energy. Seeing transformation, students will feel light, yet energized with a sense of calm. Staying humble on and off the mat.

Teaching Hatha, power, core strength Vinyasa, detox and Budokon yoga(martial arts and yoga) flows for beginners and advanced classes. Friendly in nature and always ready to give a helping hand. Passionate about animals and nature, love walks with my dogs, adventurous and a world traveler best hands on guide to life, favourite cities Roma,Tokyo and Hong Kong. Family oriented, have a loving family, my dad is my biggest role model and my son who is health conscious is always encouraging and inspiring.