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Teacher Biographies

Michelle Canasa-Sammut (Owner/Director/Head Instructor/Wellness Professional)

Michelle was first introduced to yoga in 2006 during her life as a new mother. Initially, Michelle sought out yoga for the physical activity it offered with the various asanas and its flow. Quickly enjoying the differing styles of yoga, she found that it not only assisted in her life physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Yoga allowed Michelle to find a balance in her life through breath, mind stability and just 'letting go.' In early 2007, Michelle was then determined to become a Yoga Instructor.

In April 2007, Michelle completed her Yoga Instructor Certification course through the Parivartan Yoga Studio with Dorothy Guerra. Immediately afterreceiving her certification, Michelle began her life as a Yoga Instructor at the studio and has even taken her knowledge to instruct her family, friends, and the Mississauga, Toronto and Brampton Communities. In 2009, Michelle also received her certification as an Aquafit Instructor. She was the former Placeholder ImageTreasurer and Secretary for the Ontario Yoga Association Board, an Ambassador for Lululemon Square One in 2008, and an Ambassador for Lole since 2014.  Her training did not stop there!  Michelle has attended various workshops to increase her teaching abilities with Sadie Nardini, Maria Guerre, Sean Corne – such amazing people to learn from!  In February 2012, Michelle received her Certificate of Teaching for Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini.

Yoga has helped improve Michelle's life dramatically. She found peace and stillness that was long awaited for. With that, she hopes that through her teachings, Michelle's students will find the same balance and happiness she has found in the yogic lifestyle. Michelle would like to thank Ryan, her sons Damien and Hayden, the Parivartan Mississauga staff, friends and cousins for the support they have given her throughout the years.

Michelle is very excited to be the proud Owner of Parivartan Mississauga and will strive to continue the great yoga family Parivartan has created within the Mississauga and surrounding area communities. Michelle always welcomes any feedback, so please feel free to contact .


Tina MTina M

Tina started her journey towards the principles and spiritual benefits of Yoga years ago understanding the benefits of physical fitness and connection between mind and body as an aerobic instructor. In 2010, after a very difficult time in her personal life, searching for more meaning in her life lead to the discovery of her yoga journey.
Various vendors came to visit her building selling their products. Tina came across the $30 introductory pass to the Parivartan Yoga Studio. From the first class that she took with Michelle, she never looked back.
After years of practicing, she knew that her passion for teaching fitness came calling Wanting to give back she began taking certification classes, and began certified through Michelle’s certification program. The emotional, spiritual and physical practices of yoga and the teachings surrounding it has changed her forever. She is reminded through the power of yoga and the journey of life, that our search for meaning continues and she hopes to inspire others to feel connected and balanced in their lives through the power of yoga.
Everyone's journey is different, and for her, yoga teaches us to find peace and balance and self-acceptance. We have this one life and Yoga has and will forever be an extension of her soul and being. That is the power that captured her for life and sharing her passion with others fills her heart up with gratitude. Today she teaches at Parivartan and feels blessed to be part of this wonderful community of like-minded individuals. Namaste.



MelindaMelinda Brum

I have been practicing yoga for 7 years now. I got into yoga because it allowed me to stay focused in the moment. Yoga is about mind, body and soul, being present on your mat and focusing on breath. I take pleasure in practicing with all the yogis and look forward to flowing with everyone on the mat.

Naaz Prisc


My yoga journey began in 2009 as a rehabilitation program to regain my physical and spiritual being after immobility due to an injury. Therapy led to passion and became a certified Hatha yoga instructor with yoga network of Canada 200RYT and continued teacher trainings and workshops with renowned teachers with 350hrs and my desire to make a difference.

Working full time in the airlines and teaching yoga brings balance, strength and peace. Connecting mind, body and spirit, a union or YOGA. My philosophy on teaching yoga is sacred, a divine union by always being true to yourself. Strong mind cultivates a strong body. Volunteering for friends and family karma yoga, giving without expecting anything in return. A good foundation and core whilst expressing Asanas(poses) with grace and the ujayi pranayama (victorious or oceans breath)
inhaling positive energy, exhaling negative energy. Seeing transformation, students will feel light, yet energized with a sense of calm. Staying humble on and off the mat.

Teaching Hatha, power, core strength Vinyasa, detox and Budokon yoga(martial arts and yoga) flows for beginners and advanced classes. Friendly in nature and always ready to give a helping hand. Passionate about animals and nature, love walks with my dogs, adventurous and a world traveler best hands on guide to life, favourite cities Roma,Tokyo and Hong Kong. Family oriented, have a loving family, my dad is my biggest role model and my son who is health conscious is always encouraging and inspiring.


Taylor St. Amour

Taylor began her yoga journey with the hope to gain physical strength and mental clarity. Even though she expected to love yoga she never imagined the many other benefits that could come with this practice. She wishes to share with others how yoga can change your life on the mat and give you the tools to thrive off of the mat.

Taylor’s love for art and creating give her a playful approach to her classes. In one of her classes you will likely find yourself in a challenging flow with focus on core strength. Beginners are always welcome as modifications and positive encouragement are always offered. No matter where you are with your practice Taylor puts emphasis on the importance of linking breath to movement.

For Taylor the exciting part of yoga is that there is always more to learn and a way to dive deeper. What often begins as a personal transformation creates a beautiful community that Taylor hopes to always find a place in.

Sarah Chai

A lover of inversions, vinyasas, arm balances and chaturangas, Sarah started her yoga journey back in 2013 solely as an effort to get her pre-baby body back. Instead, she gained a new perspective on the world, a new attitude for living life, found her centre and gained some strength; all of which were much larger gifts to living her fullest life. As she began to feel the transformation yoga had in her life she felt inspired to share the gift of Anusara yoga with others by graduating from the Anjeli Yoga Teaching Academy in 2017. She has since dedicated herself to wanting to help and transform others through teaching by pursuing her YT-500hr certificate.

She has dedicated her life to incorporating the yogic ways into her family’s everyday life and continually pursues a deeper connection for her mind and body.

Karen Cater

Karen started her own yoga journey in 2002 at the advice of her midwife as a way of managing stress through breath work. She quickly fell in love with the benefits yoga had to offer. The alignment of breath and movement gave her a physical outlet from her desk job and calmed her busy mind. Through her practice, she has been able to cultivate stillness, strength and clarity. Yoga opened up a world of connection, happiness and peace that she had never known previously.

Karen completed her 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training with Diana Lockett Daniel Horgan in 2014. She follows the principals of the Anusara tradition. This traditional style of yoga focuses on connecting your postures with breath, alignment and opening up your heart.

Teaching brings Karen the most joy because it encourages people in her community to live with greater stability, mobility and happiness on and off the mat. Her light hearted classes are infused with warmth and humour and look to inspire a deep connection with self-awareness while leaving you feeling strong and restored.


Dina’s teaching style is rooted in alignment, mindful breathing, and listening to the heart. Her classes combine creative strength building with playful flow and relaxation. A mother of two and partner of one, Dina believes in practicing on and off the mat through fusing heart callings with sense of purpose in a holistic lifestyle. She is a certified life coach and yoga teacher, an educator, and the founder of The Sankalpa Project. She is passionate about family, traveling, lifelong learning, and social advocacy and is often found in an arm balancing or inversion pose somewhere.

Weronika Orszula

Weronika began her yoga journey in 2008 at a local hot yoga studio. As an avid athlete, she was drawn to the slower pace, stillness and challenge of yoga. Several years in an out of the studio, meditation caught her attention again. Living the busy city life, the mantras of yoga - being present and in the moment - are some of the reasons she keeps coming back to her practice. Weronika likes to focus on alignment, building strength and learning to be in touch with the body. With a weight training background, she likes to incorporate strength movements to build balanced flows. When not doing her twists, Weronika likes to go to the gym, cook, explore the outdoors and dive. She hopes this year to travel a little more, perhaps to the Cozumel to swim with the turtles!

Bahar Miraftab

“I turned into yoga to heal my sport injuries but I found more …” I grow up practicing ballet and gymnastics. Sports and staying active have always been part of my lifestyle. In 2015, I started competitive ballroom dancing and pole fitness. Soon I got into competition and that was when my injuries started. My therapist recommended me to yoga to find balance between my stillness, my 9 to 5 office job and my high intensity activities after work. Miraculously I healed my injuries through breathing into the poses. When I returned to sports, I was stronger. The Yogi lifestyle changed my vibes for better. I turned into a happier person. I learned to slow down, feel the moments, stay present and appreciate life. I feel content and I wish to help all yogis reach their high vibration.