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Workshops & Events


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Workshops & Events

** We require a 48 hour notice if you cannot attend the workshop, once registered, or you will be charged the fee for the class. **

30 Day Challenge!! November 1 - 30

It's back by popular demand!!

Complete 30 yoga classes at the studio within 30 days – and win great prizes!!

We want to remind all participants to be mindful of their practice and not to over-do your bodies. This is a fun challenge to keep us motivated and also to get to know your fellow yogis.


Give the Gift Of Yoga this Holiday Season!

Gift Certificates in any denomination are available for purchase at the studio or our online store.

Yoga is always enjoyable with a loved one!


Kids Art Workshop with Michelle

Need a couple hours to run some errands? Do the kids want a chance to express their creativity? Well here's their chance! Our first ever, Kids Art Workshop with Michelle.

We will be using our Non-Heated Room to create 4 Holiday Crafts: A Snowman light, Pinecone Tree, Cork Reindeer and an Ornament of their choice. Children will be guided on how to begin the project, afterwards they can use their imaginations to complete each project. A healthy snack will be given to each child, but please pack their own drinks. Hope they will join us!


When: Sunday November 12 11AM - 1PM
Cost: $20 per child, includes art supplies
For space, this is limited to 15 kids. Ages 3 to 13 .

Email Michelle or sign up with reception to book your spot!

**We require a 48 hour notice if you cannot attend the workshop once registered or you will be charged the fee of the class.**

Arm Balancing Workshop with Ida!

Face your fears! We often over-rely on force and raw strength when accessing arm balance poses. We also let our fears of falling overshadow our willingness to try!

This fun, challenging workshop is designed to teach you how to do arm balances with a sense of play, greater mindfulness and ease.We’ll start with an asana practice specifically geared at preparing the body for a variety of arm balances. Learn how to deconstruct each pose and gain a better understanding of the essential movements and awareness required.

If nothing else, we’ll learn something new, fall a few times, laugh, get back up and repeat!

When: Sunday November 19 – 11:45am – 1:15pm
Cost: $20
Email Michelle or sign up with reception to book your spot!

**We require a 48 hour notice if you cannot attend the workshop once registered or you will be charged the fee of the class.**

Yin Yoga Winter Refresher with Laura

Winter Refresher - RELAX AND RELEASE

A blissed out Yin Yoga session that will focus on releasing stagnation in the body, opening up the heart, lungs, hips and spine. You will walk away feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. This class will be 1.5 hours long, guided by soft music, candlelight and hands on touch. **Essential oils will be used**

You will be guided through a series of poses that will help stimulate the flow of chi and restore the body. Because water is the primary element of winter, a focus in this class will be to target the kidney and urinary bladder meridians (These organs are the primary organs that help move water through the body).

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a deep stretching practice that goes beyond muscle flexibility and delves into the tension created around the joints. Poses are held for longer periods of time (5 min or more) to allow connective tissue to release and revive. It's an excellent style of yoga that compliments any physically demanding exercise of lifestyle.

Benefits of Yin Yoga: It is good for restoring the mind and body and creating a sense of calmness. It induces Fascia release - connective tissue surrounding our muscles improving joint mobility - creating more mobility in your joints as you work on the tight tissues surrounding them. Improving circulation and regulating energy flow throughout the body as many poses target energy channels and meridians in ways similar to acupuncture. Improving flexibility - over time you will be able to relax and go deeper into a pose.

When: Tuesday December 5, 2017 – 7:30- 9:00 pm in our Non Heated Room
Cost: $30.00 **This class is suitable for all levels and ages**

**This class is limited to 10 students so please register as soon as possible to guarantee a spot**

Email Michelle or sign up with reception to book your spot!

**We require a 48 hour notice if you cannot attend the workshop once registered or you will be charged the fee of the class.**

"Clean Start" Nutrition Workshop with Olivia Harty

One of the challenges we face when we want to make a lifestyle change that will benefit our health, is exactly that... its a change! All changes take time to become habit but they are also more successful when you have the education, tools for applying that information and implementing it successfully and most importantly, you have support. That's where I come in! Whether you want to shed a bit of weight, perform a light cleanse, or just want to learn a few more healthy habits, my 6 week nutrition workshop can help you reach those health and wellness goals.

Here's how things will go... First, individually meet with Olivia at the studio for an initial assessment. This gives Olivia the chance to get to know you and your health and wellness goals better. Then, as a group meet once a week for a one hour nutrition seminar at the studio. There will be four nutrition seminars total and the topics that we will discuss during these sessions will be:
- What, when, where and how much to be eating
- Importance of quality vs. quantity
- Nutrition to support active bodies
- Hydration
- Sleep and stress management
- Choice perception
- Hunger
- Eating out and common "bad" habits
- Why power not will power

Lastly, to complete the workshop you will meet individually with Olivia again at the studio to discuss your progress and future recommendations! Throughout the whole process you will have unlimited support from Olivia and your group via e-mail and a private Facebook group.

Olivia is a graduate of Western University where she obtained an Honors Bachelor of Science degree and specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics. She then continued her education by attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she received her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation. Both these certifications give Olivia a unique understanding of both traditional and alternative wellness solutions, that Olivia implements into her practice daily at two Oakville clinics, as well as through outreach programs such as teaching in schools, working one-on-one with sports teams, or facilitating workshops.

Investment: $150 per participant
Contact Information: Olivia Harty


Giving Back Initiative - Thank You!!

From the bottom of my hearts and from those in the Philippines, Thank You Parivartan for your generosity! For our Give Back Initiative, we were able to fill up 3 large boxes of your donations towards the Orphanage and Feed the Children program in our local hometown in the Philippines. We also received $500 in monetary donations to send the boxes and contribute to the food. With donations collected by my other family members, we are sending over 15 boxes! YOU ARE THE BEST!